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Empowering Women, Healing Hearts

In 2004, the seeds of The Diva Project were sown when our founder, Cindy Tawiah, and her husband sought to make a meaningful impact in the lives of homeless women and victims of domestic violence. As proud owners of a hair salon, they envisioned a way to give back in a significant way and provide these vulnerable women with a day of transformation, self-esteem boosting, and motivation.
Cindy's personal journey as a survivor of domestic violence fueled her passion to empower other women to heal and rediscover their inner and outer beauty. By offering free beauty services, the women they served began to realize their worth and rebuild their self-esteem. Many of them found the strength to transition from homelessness and reintegrate back into society with newfound confidence.
Over the years, the program evolved and expanded its services. Today, our project, fueled by Sunshine Promises Inc., encompasses a comprehensive approach to healing and transformation. It provides wellness services, workshops, and counseling tailored to address the unique needs of women victims of domestic violence and abuse.
The journey started with our founder using proceeds from her Diva by Cindy hair product line and her hair salon, Shades of U, to host healing days for these women. As the initiative gained momentum, partnerships with generous companies like Maybelline New York and Brown Sugar Candle Company supported the Donate to a Diva project, providing gift bags to women in multiple shelters.
Our organization continued to grow as they reached out to shelters like the House of Ruth and Girls Hope, offering pampering sessions and a day of hope and rejuvenation. In 2011, the opening of the New Diva by Cindy Salon and Wellness Center marked a milestone as women from My Sister's Place were welcomed with a red carpet walk, roses, cellphones, and an outpouring of love from dedicated volunteers and staff.
The journey of our projects spans over 15 years, and we have already served over 450 women in the MD, DC, and VA areas. However, this is just the beginning. With a vision to change the world one diva at a time, we aspire to take its services and holistic healing model on the road to reach even more women in need.
As The Diva Project continues to grow and make a greater impact, it remains firmly rooted in its mission: to provide a safe space for healing, restoration, and transformation, allowing women to rediscover their beauty and strength from the inside out. With unwavering dedication and the support of compassionate volunteers, generous donors, and partners, we aim to uplift and empower women, leaving a trail of hope and positive change wherever it goes.


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Thank you for your interest in The Diva Project. By reaching out to us, you are taking a vital step towards making a positive impact in the lives of women affected by domestic violence. Whether you want to volunteer, donate, or learn more about our services or products, we are eager to hear from you. Together, we can create a world where every woman can heal, thrive, and embrace their inner diva. Fill out the form below, and let's change lives, one diva at a time!